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Foley Building

In early 2003 Talisman was asked to provide cleaning services for an on-going restoration project at the US Federal building in downtown Spokane. We were asked to clean and apply water repellents to the exterior of the nine story structure after a competitor completed replacement of approximately four hundred window sills at the West and South elevations of the building. Upon the start of cleaning activities, Talisman informed the project owner that new sill system had been improperly installed and would probably result in failure of the new sills. Fast forward to 2009 and the project owner has been forced to install scaffolding and debris catch systems around portions of the building due to the dangers posed by falling debris. Designers immediately called Talisman and we inspected the conditions and confirmed what we had reported in 2003 – wide spread failure of the improperly cast in place concrete sills. Talisman then was contracted to perform a pilot project for the replacement of the “doomed” sills and completed the pilot project in early 2010. In 2011 Talisman undertook the replacement of four hundred cast in place sills by reproducing the original sill system utilizing precast Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete produced by Innovative Concrete Products. All of the soldier course brick and various custom shaped brick were replaced at all locations and work was completed in early 2012 after winter shutdown.

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