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Fox Theater

One of the last remaining “art deco” theaters on the west coast, the Fox was purchased by the Spokane Symphony and restored starting in 2006. As part of the restoration team, Talisman was tasked with the repair of the exterior concrete façade which was in a severe state of disrepair from decades of neglect. Starting with the parapet, our crews reconstructed the cast in place concrete walls utilizing a custom form system that was molded to fit the profile of the façade. Over the next several months we carefully repaired and restored the badly damaged façade and prepared the surface to receive new coatings. In addition, our demolition division was tasked with the most sensitive demolition work to be performed on the structure. Walker Construction, the general contractor for the renovation of the facility subcontracted the saw cutting and modification of the balcony seat riser system to Talisman which had to occur over the top of the ornate plaster and acoustic ceiling system that could not be damaged from vibration or water. We took the challenge and completed the work without difficulty.

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