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Talisman Construction Services, Inc. (TCS)

Established in 1996, Talisman is a specialty general contractor providing “turnkey” demolition and restoration services and products to general contractors, architects, engineers and commercial, institutional and industrial project owners. We provide selective and structural demolition services including saw cutting, waste segregation and disposal, recycling, salvage and shoring to a variety of contractors and owners throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our restoration division has worked on some of the most historic and high profile buildings in the Spokane area and our resume includes concrete and masonry restoration projects in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Talisman provides superior service and products to customers by combining the latest technologies and work practices with stringent safety and quality control programs. Our field personnel are conscientious, detail oriented and dedicated to performing the work in a safe and professional manner.

Featured Project

Spokane County Courthouse Restoration Project

Visitors to Spokane often marvel at the historic masonry structure visible from interstate 90 that towers over the West Central Spokane. The historic Spokane County Courthouse was constructed in 1895 with locally mined and manufactured masonry materials including its signature “blonde” brick and terra cotta elements. In May of 2008, Talisman working with MJ Takisaki Contractors, Inc. started the restoration of the Courthouse Tower. A demanding schedule was made even more difficult due to the aerial access constraints of the project – work started 125’ from ground level and went up to 175’.

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